Here is to success !! this is probably going to be a very dull blog , but if you have landed here by some divine accident please don’t escape and read this pathetic first attempt at writing a blog …

I am an IT guy and an aspiring investor . I was reading the famous book named “Value Investing & Behavioral Finance” by the esteemed Parag Parikh . I had read his other and much smaller book and did like it very much .However, the first chapter of this new book has rubbed me the wrong way .In case you are unfamiliar with this particular chapter, It basically says that unless you resist the natural tendency of instant gratification you are unlikely to be successful in life .And then he goes to provide various examples to drive home this point .Few of these examples are apt but some is just plain dross lifted from motivational books. He says that only 5% people are successful in life because they work hard and do not engage in instant gratification .Fair enough ..but as usual it fails to mention that only a certain percentage can be successful however hard they work .Unless there is people who are comparatively less successful ,you cant spot the more successful ones . In Stock market , Mr. Parikh says that you must do contrary to what 95% people are doing…then only you will be successful . He fails to see that its exactly the same in life .He fails utterly to appreciate the joys of instant gratification and analyses human being rationally just after saying that they are irrational. Sir, its not only material success that makes a successful man …

A fast car and hot girls are simply not as useful when you are 60 … The Drive won’t be there and I am not talking about the car .

The higher you go up in corporate ladder, less time you have for leisure … you just don’t feel it because you have forgotten how to lay back and be lazy.

In work life, happy are those who just get salary and enjoy the present moment . May you reincarnate Mr. Parikh and become an IT guy … you will see how far learning new skills make you successful ..haha .

To keep my rant short, 5% people are successful because there are only that many spots ..just like your corporate ladder ,there can’t be 5 CEO’s in a company or 1 lac successful unicorns(They will be plain goats) .

I sincerely hope that here onwards ,I get some subject specific wisdom instead of secondhand ones gleaned from other motivational gurus .

Green at Heart
Green at Heart

Not really sure what to do with a site…but I will think of something I guess… :)

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